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Kittens are started on their core vaccines around 6-8weeks of age. They receive a series of three upper respiratory vaccines. Their rabies shot is given at 12 weeks of age. The other vaccines available are given according to the projected life style of the cat (indoor or outdoor).

All kittens should be tested for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). This is done in 10 minutes while you wait during your first visit.

Dr. Sisum is skilled at spaying or neutering kittens at 8 weeks of age and up. Many times it is done with their last set of vaccines.


Deworming , flea /tick control and heartworm prevention are also started with kittens at 8 weeks of age .

Diet, scratching posts, litter choices, toys and all other questions are addressed during your appointment, especially for first time cat owners.

Are you trying to raise a bottle baby? Come in for a consultation and we will make sure the baby is healthy and you are doing everything correctly.


Call today to schedule your new baby for a visit!

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