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The Older Cat

Routine exams and vaccines are continued. Many older cats are seen for illness related to their age.

How old does a cat have to be before they're considered geriatric? We start to look at indoor only cats as senior around 8-10 years of age, earlier for those that go outside.

Experts now agree that older animals should have semiannual exams (every 6 months). All senior cats should have a geriatric blood workup at least once a year.

Kidney, thyroid and diabetes problems are most common. These cats have bloodwork done more frequently to monitor their conditions.

Our in house lab allows for fast diagnostic workups. Usually same day or even as you wait.


Don't forget your cats teeth. If your older cat has never had a routine cleaning, chances are there is periodontal disease present. This can lead to whole body infection and early kidney disease.

If we can help you with your older cat just give us a call.

508-833-CATS (2287)

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