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Adult Cats

Adult cats are seen for everything from routine vaccinations to injury and illness. The Cape Cod Cat Hospital is equipped to handle almost all the needs of your feline companions. For complicated orthopedic and opthalmic cases there are specialist not far away to which Dr. Sisum will refer some cases. Everything else is regularly attended to in the hospital.

. Our recall system will remind you when your pet is due for routine shots and annual physical exams.

. We do try to take emergencies in while we are open on a drop off basis.


. Dentistry ,from basic cleanings to advanced periodontal disease , are all treated routinely. Oral exams are always a part of the basic physical exam with all visits. Most cats need cleanings every 2-3 years.

. Our in house lab allows for fast diagnostic results for most medical cases. Many times we reach the diagnosis while you wait.

If we can help you with your feline companion , just give the office a call.

508-833-CATS (2287)

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